The calisthenics continue. I worked out last Sunday and didn't blog about it. On Monday, I was sore. So it goes.

I worked out today:
4 minute fast run
25 minutes calisthenics

Our tickets to Jamaica have arrived. In 101 days, I'll be flying off to a week's worth of paradise.


So I was all excited today when my husband informed me that the latest version of iSmoothRun has a "treadmill" setting. Previously when using the app on my treadmill, it informed me that I wasn't running at all, OR that I was running across the street and back (which definitely does not actually happen).

In any case, I quickly updated my app and gave it a go. Unfortunately, the results are less than I'd hoped for. I ran for five minutes, at a pace which I am CERTAIN is faster than I run when I'm on the trail. The app said I was only running 2.something mph, for a completely unimpressive 22 minute mile. I KNOW I'm going faster, so I guess I'll just go back to caring about time instead of distance.

I tried the calisthenic routine again after my five minute warm up. Today I am sweatier than I was on Sunday, and everything felt more difficult. Perhaps my form is more accurate today, and that's why it's harder? Perhaps I'm just a wuss who can't plank worth a damn. Whatevs.

I worked out today:
5 minute warmup run
25 minutes of vigorous calisthenics and plank failures


Something different.

A few months back, I mentioned to my husband that I might want to try a new way of working out. Since he's now some sort of super fitness guru, he sent me a beginners calisthenics workout he put together himself. Today, after waking up and not exactly feeling like running, I decided to give it a go.

And it was awkward. I had to shut the front blinds because I didn't want the church-goers driving by to witness me in all my ridiculous glory.

First of all, planks are really hard. I watched an instructional video, and this confident plank lady was all, "Depending on your level of fitness, you'll be able to hold a plank anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes."

Apparently I have no "level" of "fitness" because my plank lasted a shaky 10 seconds before collapsing. Don't even get me started on side planks.
"Look how happy I am! And not shaky at all! Side planks are super fun! Aren't you having SO MUCH FUN?"
So anyway, I finished the 25 minute workout and felt shaky but otherwise proud that I tried something new.

I worked out today:
25 minutes of planks, knee lifts, bench dips, bent rows, wall pushups, and jackknife squats


I'm definitely in a body-hating funk today. This had better be PMS related...

I took my measurements, as I realized I hadn't done so since August.

Chest: OLD = 47" NEW = 46" Newer= 45"    
Waist: OLD =  42" NEW = 40" Newer= 39.5"  
Hips: OLD =  54.25" NEW = 53" Newer = 51.5"   
Right Thigh: OLD =  34" NEW = 32.5" Newer = 32"   
Left Thigh: OLD =  34" NEW = 33" Newer = 32"    
Right Bicep: OLD =  17" NEW = 16"  
Left Bicep: OLD =  17" NEW = 16.75"  

The arm measurements didn't change. Arm flab is difficult to lose? I've never heard that one before.

I was hoping for a bit more of a difference. It's several months later, after all. 

Dear Self,

This is what happens when you don't work out as much as you should. This is what happens when you don't count calories as well as you should. 



Dear Self,

Be pleased that you are still making progress. You didn't gain this weight overnight and you won't lose it overnight either. You've lost 12.5 inches and 24.2lbs, and that's pretty great. Keep fucking going and don't be a slave to body image issues.



I worked out today:
20 minute treadmill run


Okay, so now I guess I'm just bad at updating this blog. Me? Bad at updating? Never!


Anyway, I'm back on track with my three workouts per week plan. At least for now. I have a faint desire to set up some sort of goal in which I work out every day over Christmas break, but I don't want to push it. One week at a time...

I worked out yesterday:
20 minute run while listening to terrible rock music from my past


I ran yesterday morning before work. I was wrapping up a crappy night of sleep, so getting out of bed wasn't terribly difficult. I was hoping that the added morning exercise would help me prepare mentally for the day, but honestly I think it just made me more tired. 

Today, I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed before 6am. Ah well. I did run after school, however, and discovered that Kesha's "Die Young" is my new favorite running track. Sick.

I worked out today: 
15 minute run
5 minutes of situps and bicep curls


I have worked out since the last time I blogged. Not many times, per se, but it has happened.

The holidays are difficult. The cold weather is difficult. This is all difficult.

I'm going to try something new this week. I'm going to wake up 20 minutes earlier than normal and go for a 15 minute run or walk (whatever I feel like). I'll have to set out my clothes, sports bra, shoes, and headphones... God knows if any extra effort is actually required in the morning, the run just won't happen. I need to set myself up for success.

I worked out today:
20 minute treadmill run


When I first started running on the treadmill, I really hated it. I didn't want to admit it, but it wasn't enjoyable and I couldn't see myself actually doing it. Yesterday, instead of trying to jog on the treadmill whilst watching TV, I went back to my trusty rap-filled playlists. And wouldn't you know it, it made all the difference in the world.

I don't mind running as long as I've got music that keeps my mind engaged. Music is the key to success!

I worked out yesterday:
20 minute run

I worked out today:
10 minute much faster run
50 situps
30 arm lifts w/ 10lb weights


Working out is haard.

No. Work is hard. Working out after a hard day of work is the problem.

I was all motivated a week or so ago. Working out every day, excited about weight loss and all that. Wha happened?

I worked out today:
5 minute treadmill run (which is more difficult than trail running, and I haven't figured out why)
10 minute super fast treadmill walk
5 minutes situps and weights


I worked out more recently than I last blogged. I don't remember when. Slacking.

My husband and I had A Weekend of Poor Choices, in which I ate Dairy Queen and drank delicious beers. Not paleo, not calorie-conscious. On Monday my stomach was a wreck and I regretted nothing. This week, however, I will not be stepping on the scale.

I worked out today:
10 minute run
10 minutes kettle bell, situps, and arm weight whatnot


This Friday's weight loss has been particularly motivating. I hope it lasts.

I worked out yesterday:
45 minute walk with husband and dog
1 mile trail run in my best time ever: 14:05

Unfortunately, yesterday's run left me with a burning esophagus and painful bottom teeth (which the internet says results from a lack of oxygen). I'm not good at speed, and I'm apparently not good at running in the cold.

Luckily, I was able to procure a fancy treadmill from my parents today. I'm really excited about having a running machine in my living room. I'm even more excited about not having to run in the cold and snow.

I worked out today:
10 minutes of kettlebell, cardio, sit ups, and upper body weights
10 minutes of very quick walking on the treadmill


I stepped on the scale this morning, expecting to see some not-nice number as a result of last week's slacking. Surprise surprise, I actually lost weight. What an unexpectedly pleasant way to start the day!

Since I'm now down to 260, I've officially lost 21lbs! Huzzah. 
And since I've lost 20, it's time for a new progress picture. 

The progress is not entirely visible in the first or last pictures, but I'm quite pleased at how much of my gut has disappeared. 

I worked out today: 
5 minute cardio in class
10 minutes of silly dancing at the end of the school day (with the entire fifth grade)
10 minutes cardio/weights/situps at home


I did a five-minute workout in class today and the kids loved it. I think I may make this a staple feature of our end-of-the-day "AA" time. Plus, I can count it in LoseIt! Win win.

I worked out today:
5 minute workout in class featuring various cardio moves
10 minute run in the back yard with my spastic dog
5 more minutes of situps and upper body weights


I've started to integrate P90 routines into my morning lessons. Everyone's tired? Let's do some hook/uppercut combos, kids.

Maybe THAT'S how I'll solve my end-of-day craziness problem. No one is willing to follow directions? Fine. Lets do jumping jacks until we're tired.

I worked out today:
20 minutes of cardio, sit ups, upper body weights, and kettle bell.

This week, I am thinking about this:

This is not just some random tropical scene. This is where I'm headed in 178 days. I just have to really earn it first.


I'm losing my motivation.

I mean, Jamaica and having kids and whatnot are all well and good. But I am tired every afternoon after teaching. I am having a tough year and I want my after-school drink. Running and aerobics are falling by the wayside.

I ran two miles last Friday. The time before this that I last worked out was the previous Wednesday.

Not okay. This is hard and it will get harder and I HAVE TO DO IT ANYWAY. I cannot fail this time. I've got too much invested to give up this time.

Imma set some goals.

I want to weigh 257 or less by Thanksgiving.
I want to weigh 250 or less by New Years.
I want to weigh 220 or less by March 30th (when we leave for our tropical getaway).

I've set and met many of my running goals. I'm still not close to running that mile in under 13mins, but I can run for an hour like a champ. IF I CAN MEET GOALS IN WHICH I, PERSON WHO HATES RUNNING, RUNS FOR AN HOUR, then I can also meet goals related to weight loss.

I worked out today:
20 minutes of kettle bell, jogging, sit ups, bicep curls, and arm lifts w/ weights
(All whilst watching Breaking Amish, because obviously)


I ran 1.67 miles yesterday and 3.14 miles today. Feelin' fine.


I ran on Tuesday of this week, but I didn't post about it. Whoops. It was uneventful. There was panting and sweating as per usual.

I didn't feel particularly compelled to do much of anything this morning. Husband and I cheated on our diet last night with mexican takeout, so I assume I am still filled with sloth-inducing burritos.

In any case, I figured I should probably get *some* physical activity in before a day of football-watching, so I decided to try to break my mile time. My previous trail best was 14:59, and today I was able to finish the mile in 14:16. Progress!

I'm curious to see what my mile time would be on straight, obstacle-free pavement. Perhaps one of these days I'll come out of hiding and run where I might be spotted by others.
Probably not.

I worked out today:
1 mile run (14:16)
Several hours of high-intensity football watching


Last week I was lazy and only worked out twice. I feel guilty, and more importantly, I can tell I haven't lost any more weight. Must stay focused, humidity or no humidity.

Getting back to running, even after my 10 day hiatus, felt really great. I made myself a playlist comprised of embarrassing rock music that I would have listened to as an angsty teen. I'll tell you this: I didn't not enjoy running to Limp Bizkit.


I worked out today:
34 minute run (2 miles)


The humidity is making me bad at blogging. The humidity is also preventing me from running. The humidity makes me feel sticky and sweaty and gross all the time.

So I haven't run in a week. I legitimately want to run, but I'm just not going to run when it's 89% humidity and in the 80s. It's seriously hellish out there.

I've been improvising. I've brought back out the kettlebell, the weights, and the exercise ball. My abs hurt.

I exercised last Sunday: 20 minutes featuring a rotation of kettlebell, bicep curls, arm lifts, and sit ups.

I exercised today: 25 minutes featuring a rotation of kettlebell, bicep curls, situps, jogging in place, and cardio arm work (punching whilst looking tough)


I caved and bought running shoes. I say "caved" because I was pretty sure my old New Balance would be just fine. But after ankle pain, foot pain, and crazy blisters, I decided that perhaps proper footwear would make my runs slightly less physically damaging. 

Purchased for comfort, not style.
The shoes were expensive, but they feel like walking on a gel-infused cloud. And after running 2 miles today, I'm *slightly* less stiff than normal! Hooray mild improvement! 

I worked out today:
2 mile run (35 minutes)

Tomorrow is weigh day. Here's hoping my new back-to-teaching lifestyle has burned off a few extra pounds.


Oy my feet.

Seriously, I've got GIANT blisters. Time to get new running shoes. Time to stop wearing flip flops to work.

I worked out today:
25 minute run (1.7 miles)


People have started commenting at work that it looks like I've lost weight. I say, "I have, thank you" and then I glow in my accomplishment for a couple minutes. This has been a super slow process, but I'm determined to keep going.

Remember how I'm going to Jamaica over spring break as a reward for all my hard work? Best. Reward. Ever. 

Swim a little, read a little, drink a lot. Jamaica!
I worked out today: 
2.41 mile run (39 minutes) - I was shooting for 3 miles again, but started getting really dizzy. When I got back inside and sat down, the whole room looked like it was still moving forward. I'm glad I stopped when I did. Trail fainting is no one's idea of fun. 


Running after a day on my feet is difficult. To make matters a bit worse, my left foot/ankle has been reeeaaalllly stiff for the past few days.

Running, I will not let you hurt me. Understand?

I worked out today:
1.09 mile run (16 minutes... Would have run for longer if it weren't for this damn ankle)


Get out of work. Workout.

Summer is officially over. No more sleeping in until 10am. No more leisurely pre-workout facebook checks. The school year is back in action, and that means I've got to work a lot harder to fit in my physical activity.

One bonus of school returning is the chance to work out after school with teacher friends. I don't think I'm ready to run in front of anyone yet (lest I sweat all over everything in front of everybody), but I can definitely walk quickly whilst gossiping about the day.

I worked out today (after a day of work!):
24 minute run (1.5 miles)


I just checked my inches for the first time since early June. I've lost 6.75 total inches so far!

Chest: OLD = 47" NEW = 46"
Waist: OLD =  42" NEW = 40"
Hips: OLD =  54.25" NEW = 53"
Right Thigh: OLD =  34" NEW = 32.5"
Left Thigh: OLD =  34" NEW = 33"
Right Bicep: OLD =  17" NEW = 16"
Left Bicep: OLD =  17" NEW = 16.75"
It has started getting into the 50s at night, which I love. The mornings are cooler, and cooler air means a better run. At least for the time being... I'm not particularly looking forward to running in 30s or below.

I worked out today:
2 mile run (34 minutes)


It's becoming a chore to blog about my workouts. Maybe I'll switch to a twice weekly update? We'll see.

I worked out on Wednesday, with a 1.25 mile run. 

I worked out yesterday with a 2 mile run. This was after a day of work on my feet, so I felt rather proud that I had the motivation to go and do any workout at all, let alone a 2 mile run. 

And the best news of all? I've lost a bit more weight. As of this morning, the scale read 267.8. That means I'm down 14.2 lbs since I started this madness. 

Hooray for progress!


I tried to meet my 13 minute mile goal yesterday, and failed by nearly 2 minutes. I am not good at running with any sort of speed.

What I CAN do, however, is run slowly for a long time.

I worked out today:
3 mile run (54 minutes)

Yay goal! Boo blisters.


I worked out today:
1 mile run in 14:59 (a trail best)

Running is difficult.


I took a trip to Chicago. It was lovely to get away, but I felt guilty about not working out from Sunday through Tuesday. I counted calories, however, and only went over my limit when I had ten bajillion drinks on Sunday night.

Binge drinking = not paleo.

Anyway, I worked out yesterday and forgot to blog about it. It was in the mid 80s, and I'd taken four days off, so I was prepared to crap out after 10 minutes or so. For whatever reason, I actually had plenty of energy and ran for a full 30 minutes. It felt great, and I was really excited to run again today.

Today's temp was about 10 degrees less than yesterday, but with 85% humidity. It was like running in a sauna. My glasses fogged up and I felt sticky almost immediately. After a mile, I'd had enough.

I worked out today:
1 mile run (18 minutes)
75 sit ups


I saw two snakes on my run today. Actually, I saw the first while I was walking out the door to start said run. I said "Hi, Mr. Snake!" and then it slithered away. Does anyone else greet animals like this?

The spiderwebs are increasing. Each day, I carefully move aside at least ten webs with my safety rake. The spiders are really strange looking. After some online searching, I discovered that they are Spined Micrathena. Neat! Anyway, usually I apologize to the spiders when I move their webs. They worked so hard, but I have work to do too.

This is what happens when you spend the summer alone. You start talking to animals. Also your pre-run routine involves something you just referred to as a "safety rake".

I worked out today:
1 mile run (17 minutes... would have gone longer but it was already 87degrees and I felt dizzy)
75 sit ups 


After setting up a new playlist on Spotify, I enjoyed a not terrible morning run. Thanks, Missy Elliot! Afterwards, I cleaned for four hours. House cleaning burns about 50 calories every ten minutes. Because I was cleaning, I forgot to eat lunch. Long story short, I've burned more calories nearly the same amount of calories as I've consumed today. Needless to say, I'm very tired.

I worked out today:
30 minute run (1.65 miles)


Oops I skipped a day.

I worked out yesterday:
-10 minute run around the back yard (not in the woods) with my dog. She quit after 7 minutes and waited at the back door.
-10 minutes of sit ups (25 x 3), kettle bell swings (20 x 3), and bicep curls (15 x 3).

I felt sorta crappy yesterday, similar to the day before. Revelation: menstruation makes exercise more difficult.

Working out today felt less crappy, but still not totally great and fulfilling like last week's 38 minute workoutathon. I want every run to be positive and empowering, but I'm learning it's not always going to be that way.

I worked out today:
25 minute run (1.42 miles)

My new app, which I was so sure would be the solution to all my run-tracking problems, is not working out quite as well as I'd hoped. While RunKeeper used to short me on distance, iSmoothRun is now adding distance I didn't actually run. If I ran out on the road, I'm thinking I wouldn't have these issues. Since I'm determined to keep my workout confined to the privacy of my woods, I think perhaps I'll just have to figure distance manually. Ah well.


I took a day off yesterday due to the previous day's marathon (i.e. 2 miles). Isn't a real marathon 26 miles? I'm 1/14th there!

Seriously though, I don't want to run a marathon.

Even more seriously though, taking a day off made me feel like a lump.

So today I was back in the woods and it sucked pretty hard. I felt stiff and sore and miserable out there, plodding along in what felt like a sauna but was really only the upper 70s. I ran for 20 minutes and hated it. Also I saw a snake, which is a backyard first. Since it was slithering away from me, it was more startling than anything. I ran faster as a result, though, so... yay?

I hope to feel better tomorrow. Today, I'm going to track how many calories it takes to be a grump.

I worked out today:
20 minute run (1.28 miles)


It was cool this morning. 68 degrees feels amazing compared to the 80s I've been running in this week. The humidity is still pretty high, but I can deal with humidity if there aren't bajillion degree temps behind it.

I'm REALLY enjoying running to my playlist. Today's best song was Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For?", which had a beat that matched my pace exactly. I've also noticed that the music helps distract me from the task at hand (which is to say, running whilst trying not to die).

Anyway, today's cool weather combined with today's fun playlist selections = a new personal best. I'm really proud of myself. When I started this endeavor, I couldn't run 1/7th of a mile. I couldn't run for more than 1 minute.

I worked out today:
38 minute run totaling 2.06 miles

Here's proof from the new app I'm using. RunKeeper shorted me on distance AGAIN today, but thankfully I had my husband's phone with the new app in my pocket as well. I downloaded the new app (iSmoothRun) on my own phone, and will now rely on it instead of SuckKeeperMcNotAccurate.

New Goals:
1. Run 3 miles
2. Run 1 mile in less than 13 minutes 


I ran for a long time today. 10 laps (7 laps = 1 mile). It took me 26 minutes, but whatever. It's the longest distance I've run, and the longest time I've run without stopping. Unfortunately, RunKeeper shorted my distance by a whole lap (I'm 99% sure about this), so tomorrow I'm trying a new app that logs steps and GPS. That way, when the GPS fails (as I'm guessing it did with RunKeeper today), there's still another measurement of how far I've gone.

I added lots more music to my playlist last night, which made for new and exciting listening today. Franz Ferdinand's "Michael" and Le Tigre's "My, My Metrocard" were especially fun to run to.

I worked out today:
25:55 run - 1.28 miles (which I'm certain is more like 1.38, but whatever)


There are blisters forming on the insides of my feet, right below the ball. My husband says they're a result of either
A. my shoelaces not being tied tight enough, or
B. trying to push myself forward instead of lifting and dropping my feet.

But I contend that if I wasn't trying to push myself forward, I would just be lifting and dropping my feet in one spot in the woods, and I'd look even more awkward. Just standing in the woods, lifting and dropping my feet. Weird.

Anyway, last night I was able to get my iPhone to synch correctly, so today I was able to run with my specially designed supercool playlist. Putting "Public Service Announcement" towards the end was a fabulous idea. See that last spike? That's me shouting "ALLOW ME TO REINTRODUCE MYSELF" and then running as fast as I possibly could.

Maybe not shouting. Mouthing? Yes. Still weird.

I worked out today:
16:25 run (1 mile)


I really wanted to try running to music today. Normally I just enjoy the sounds of the forest, combined with the sound of my desperate panting. Since I'm trying to improve my mile time, however, I figured a good beat might help. And I really wanted to make a special playlist, on my phone, so I could run AND have RunKeeper track my progress.

Unfortunately my phone, or laptop, or whatever didn't cooperate. I spent thirty minutes synching and resynching to no avail, and finally gave up and listened to Girl Talk (that was already on my phone).

Why? Why are these tracks gray and unplayable?  Also, don't laugh at my music choices.

I *did* improve my time, so I guess that's a plus. Today I ran in 10 minutes what I ran yesterday in 12.

I worked out today:
13:49 run (.87 miles)
15 sit ups x3
10 squats x3


Back at it.

While it felt wonderful to be back, running in my own woods, I could absolutely tell I had taken a break from my regular workout routine. I ran for 12 minutes today, which only got me .62 miles. Last week, in VT, I was able to run a bit over a mile in 14.5 minutes. So... I've obviously got some catching up to do.

Seriously though, I love my little wooded trail. I can be really sweaty and slow and bad at running and there aren't other people around to look at me. I don't mind being awkward in front of squirrels and bees.

I worked out today: 
12 minute run (.62 miles)
And nothing else, because that run took it out of me. 


Vacation is over. While it was fun and relaxing, I'm now concerned about how much of my hard work I've undone. I'm not going to step on the scale until school starts again, and I'm getting my daily routine back in order as of tomorrow.

Note to self: Learn to vacation without eating pie.


Running in hot, muggy weather is no fun. Sitting around all day feeling like the blob, thinking "I should have worked out", is worse.

I worked out today:


I ran a mile again today. Actually, I ran to where our road curves, then back again, and when I looked at RunKeeper it said I had only run .97 miles. So, I threw up my hands in expasperation and continued to jog around our yard until I had reached 1 mile. I only know I threw up my hands because I did so in front of two people walking their dogs, and then later thought about how ridiculous I must have looked.

Also I was wearing a weird tanktop with too-long straps. I call this Awkward Workout for a reason.

Vacation eating has been really difficult. I ate 1,100 more calories yesterday than I was supposed to.

To blame:
hard cider
sausage with maple syrup for lunch

My current plan involves continuing to work out without caring about daily calories (as long as I actually track them). What I'm now worrying about, however, is that I'll gain back all the weight I lost in July and that I'll hate myself for it.

Blerf. Vacation ain't what it used to be.

I worked out today:
15 minute (1 mile) jog
10 minute kayak


Working out on vacation is difficult. My mind says, "Lay down and read a book! Eat some pie and drink a beer!" My body says, "Do what the mind says! Also have a sandwich!"

My family's vacation (more specifically, my father's vacation) has always revolved around eating a ridiculous amount of junk food. Pie, doughnuts, little chocolate chip cookies, chips and dip, peanut M&Ms, Ben and Jerry's, lather, rinse, repeat. Bored? Eat something. Not bored? You should still probably eat something, because all this pie will go bad.

Seriously though, I'm pretty sure normal vacations aren't this junk food-dependent. It's going to take a few years before I can break myself of the "time at the cabin means time to eat all the foods" mindset. I did buy a pie. And six doughnuts. But no ice cream! Progress.

I worked out yesterday:
12 minute run

I worked out today:
13 minute run


I didn't *technically* work out today, but this has been another day of running errands/cleaning/preparing for vacation until my feet feel like they're about to fall off. I don't feel bad about not working out when I know my morning, afternoon, and evening will be nothing but on-my-feet work.

I did weigh in this morning, however. I am now down to 271.8, which means I've lost 9.2lbs since I started three weeks ago tomorrow. Hooray!

For the next ten days, I will be vacationing in my home away from home. While I'm still going to work out and count calories, I'm not going to restrict my alcohol consumption. As such, I will likely not weigh in again for awhile. We'll see.

I'm really happy with the progress I've made so far. I went from not being able to run around the track even once (I made it about 3/4 of the way the first time I tried) to running around 7 times in a row. I can run a mile, which is something I've never been able to say ever. AND, I've lost nearly 10lbs. I picked up a 10lb weight today just to see how it felt, and it's nice to know that that weight is out of my body for good.

Now it's time for vacation. Stay tuned to find out how many calories are in a slice of pie.


It has been an incredibly busy day. I woke up at 7:45, ran, and then proceeded to stay on my feet all day running errands and preparing for an upcoming vacation. I didn't do anything workout-wise after running, but I'm pretty sure a day-full of errands burns enough calories to make up for it.

I worked out today:
15 minute run


Here's where I run. When it isn't ten bajillion degrees, it's lovely. I'm grateful to have such an awesome back yard. 

And what's this, you ask? This is a screenshot of RunKeeper after I ran one mile. Goal = accomplished!

I worked out today:
18 minute run (one mile)

12 minutes of various exercises, including P90 "xWork" and punching, 75 sit ups, 30 kettle bell swings, 12 arm raises, 30 bicep curls, and 20 squats


The heat wave will supposedly break tomorrow, and I couldn't be happier. I woke up at 9:45 this morning, and my weather app said it already felt like 98 degrees outside. Yesterday, when I ran in the low 90s, the heat was far more exhausting than the actual physical activity. Today, I didn't even try. I'll run tomorrow, and it might be in the 70s, and it'll be awesome.

I worked out today:
P90 cardio (minus the "power yoga", which I still cannot really do thanks to a lack of upper body strength)
20 sit ups x3


After examining my eating habits and calorie intake for the last week, I've decided that alcohol may be to blame for the lack of weight loss. While I wasn't going over my limit calorie-wise, I learned that alcohol turns to acetate in the body, which produces something that slows fat burning. Like, dramatically slows fat burning. 

During my first week of calorie counting and exercise, I was on an antibiotic that forced me to stay clean and sober. After that week I had terrific weight loss. After last week, during which I was drinking again, I had no weight loss whatsoever. Connection? Maybe. We'll see.

In any case, while I *do* love tequila, I love the idea of weight loss even more. So, I've decided to limit drinking to weekends and holidays. I'm not sure I'm willing to limit it more than that for now, but we'll see. 

I'm going to start experimenting with non alcoholic, paleo beverages. Here's a delicious batch of lemon lime water I enjoyed yesterday. Nothing fancy, nothing caloric. 
Mmmmm... refreshing!

I worked out today:
10 minute run
20 minutes doing various activities on the Wii Fit
2 minute "X work" (via P90)
2 minute 30 second punches (via P90)
20 sit ups x4
12 bicep curls x3


Today marks day one million in this oppressive heat wave. I'm really looking forward to being able to sleep with the windows open again someday.

This morning, after sleeping until 10:30, I told myself that I would still go outside and run if the heat index was below 85. When I checked around 10:45, it was 84. Still cool enough to work out. 

The spiderwebs on the trail have gotten a bit intense, so my first lap around now consists of a fast walk in which I wave a rake up and down in front of me. It's effective, but it's one of those things where I'm really glad no one else can see back into our woods. 

For whatever reason, my mood today on the trail was really positive. I noticed that I hadn't even broken a sweat after my first lap, which is a HUGE improvement from when I started. It's nice to be able to *feel* progress. 

In any case, I met another goal: I ran for 5 laps without stopping. That's 5/7 of a mile! So much sweat and accomplishment. 

I worked out today: 
3 minute quick walk with super-awesome rake action
12 minute run
15 sit ups x3
10 bicep curls x3
10 squats x3

New goal: 
Run 7 laps without stopping. That's one mile! 


Toughen up, lady.

I will NOT let my scale get the best of me. I am working on undoing a lifetime of crappy eating habits and a bad attitude towards exercise. THIS WILL BE DIFFICULT and I have to be okay with that.

I have two choices:
1. Give up and continue being unhappy with my body.
2. Keep working and make gradual improvements that may or may not include weight loss.

I'll take option two, thanks.

After a weepy self-pity party, I worked out today:
P90 Cardio Video w/ Ab workout


Chest: 47"
Waist: 42"
Hips: 54.25"
Right Thigh: 34"
Left Thigh: 34"
Right Bicep: 17"
Left Bicep: 17"
The scale says I didn't lose anything this week. In fact, it says I gained .2lbs.

I'm really sad. I met all my calorie goals this week and worked out every day.

Why, awkward body? Why?


It's quite cloudy this morning, so I used the sun-free opportunity to map out a new route around my entire yard. Starting by the woods, running through the side yard, running through the back gate and around the back yard, then through the woods = .27 miles. Thanks, Run Keeper GPS app!

I worked out today:
10 minute walk
10 minute jog (when you go as slow as I am, saying "run" doesn't feel honest)
20 kettle bell swings x3
15 sit ups x2 (I have a strange pain in my lower right ab area that I'm in no mood to aggravate)
6 arm raises x3
10 squats x3

Tomorrow is another weigh day. If I lose 1.5lbs, I'll have met my goal. Again, I'd really rather see 2lbs gone, but we'll see what tomorrow brings...


Heavy winds plowed through our woods last night, knocking down lots of dead branches all over the place. One tree, that was previously halfway broken and hanging perilously over the trail, is now completely fallen. Nearby, a very large dead branch covered in a very living poison ivy vine now crosses the path as well. More obstacles means more calories (and possibly more rashes)!

I worked out today:
10 minute run
10 minute walk 
20 kettle bell swings x3
20 sit ups x3
10 bicep curls x3
10 squats x3


I realized tonight that house cleaning can be counted in LoseIt. An hour and a half of house cleaning burns four hundred fifty calories!

I'm not gonna lie. I want to lose 2lbs per week. 1.5 is acceptable, but I'm aiming for 2. I've worked out every day. I want results, dammit.
My hip is still a bit sore this morning. I didn't want to take an entire rest day, so I worked out with a bit less vigor than normal.

I (still) worked out today:
22 minutes brisk walking
15 sit ups x3
5 arm raises w/ 10lb weights x3
10 squats x3


I can run for 1/2 a mile!

After yesterday's kick-filled workout, I was sure my legs would be sore and tired this morning. Since they weren't, I decided to get outdoors before the sun baked us into the 90s for yet another day.

I set out for a run, intent on going for two laps without stopping. After my second lap, I thought "Hey, I can keep going!" And so I did. I stopped after 3.5 laps, which means I accomplished another goal! AND I get to say "I can run for 1/2 a mile", which I something I absolutely could not have said prior to last week. Hooray!

I worked out today:
18 minutes of walk/run
15 kettle bell swings x2
15 sit ups x3
10 squats x3
10 calf raises x3
10 bicep curls x3

My right hip is a bit sore now, so I need to make sure I keep an eye on that. It'd be a real letdown to have an injury so soon into this process.

New goals:
Avoid injury.
Run five laps without stopping.


Today, when I normally would have done my workout, I was out leading a student book club. By the time I got home, the temperatures outdoors were not exactly conducive to comfortable running/walking in the woods. As such, I decided to follow a P90 video for my workout today. My husband and I tried to do these for awhile before our wedding, but I never really got into them. For today, though, it was nice to have something strenuous (and not entirely boring) to do indoors. 

I worked out today: 
P90 Cardio video + Ab Ripper workout (Ab Ripper... SO EXTREMEEEEE) (approx 40 minutes)


I didn't sleep well last night, and as such didn't exactly feel like working out today. But then I did it anyway. Suck it, bad night of sleep.

I worked out today:
20 minute walk/run
15 sit ups x3
10 squats x3
5 arm lifts x3
10 ball push ups x3


Wednesday is Weigh Day.

I was really nervous waking up this morning. I knew I had to step on the scale to see my first week's progress, but I was definitely worried that the numbers on the scale wouldn't be to my liking. I've tried diet plans before, gone for a whole week with gusto, and then completely given up after seeing dismal scale results.

Adding to my nerves was the fact that I'm feeling REALLY GOOD about what I've done in the past week. I feel *excited* about working out and calorie counting, which is not something I've really ever said before. In any case, I didn't want a sad scale to ruin the excitement and my drive to succeed.

Sooo, I convinced myself to take the scale out of the scale drawer, place it on the floor, and step up. I could barely watch as the numbers flicked upward. And then the numbers stopped.


Last Wednesday I weighed 281. That's nearly 6lbs GONE. Needless to say, I yelled "yaaaaay" around the house and then called my husband to continue to yell "yaaaaaay" into the phone.

I *know* the weight loss won't always be this high. I was on my period last week, which surely added a few pounds to last week's weigh-in. Still. STILL. I feel great. I feel proud.

So, after the high of seeing my week's progress shown on the scale, I decided to go work out. Yesterday, I set a goal of being able to run around the forest loop once.

Today I ran around it twice without stopping. Blamo.

I worked out today:
20minutes walk/run
22 kettle bell swings x3
15 sit ups x3
10 squats x3
10 calf raises x3
10 lift the 10lbweights above my head thingies x3

New goals:
Lose 1.5 lbs by Wednesday, July 4th
Run 3 times around the loop without stopping


I tried taking my dog out with me on my second attempt at a walk/run. Unfortunately, as we're in a forest, there are waaaayyyy too many smells out there to keep her focused. I had to drop her off back inside after the third lap around.

I worked out today:
20 minute walk/run
30 jumping jacks x2
20 kettle bell swings x2
12 sit ups x3
10 ball push ups x2
5 arm raises x3

I have a new small workout goal: I want to be able to jog around the forest loop once without stopping. This is a small goal, as the loop is probably only 1/8 mile. Still, I can only go about 3/4 of the way now, so making it once around would be an accomplishment.

Tomorrow is weigh day and I'm nervous. If I don't step on that scale and see 278.5 or lower, I'm going to be really discouraged. Please respond to my efforts, awkward body.


I absolutely hate jogging, but damn if it doesn't get my heart rate up.

Seeing as how it's beautiful outside (sunny and 73 degrees), I decided to try something new today. There's a walking trail in our back woods... it'd be a shame to let it go to waste.

I worked out today:
18 minute walk/jog (walk half trail, run half trail)
12 sit ups x3
20 kettle bell swings x2
10 bicep curls w/ 10lbs weight x2
12 leg lifts each side x2


Day off, day on.

I didn't work out yesterday, due to the fact my calves felt like they were made of pain. My abs were also in a sad state. Nothing wrong with taking a day of rest, but it sure made it more difficult to stay within my daily calorie allotment.

I'm using LoseIt to track my calories, which seems to be working well. If I eat less than 2,200 calories per day, I'll supposedly lose 1.5lbs per week. We'll see.

I worked out today:
30 jumping jacks x3
20 kettle bell swings x3
11 sit ups x3
10 ball push ups x3
5 arm raises w/ 10lb weights x3
10 bicep curls x3
10 squats x3


I didn't quit after the first day!

I want to get better at setting short-term goals.
This week's short term goal:

I want to lose 1.5lbs by next Thursday.

That picture supposedly shows 1lb of fat. I'd be happy to lose one and a half of those.

I worked out today:

  • 30 jumping jacks x3
  • 15-20 kettle bell swings x3 (This was supposed to be 30, but having done these yesterday my legs were sad)
  • 12 sit ups x3
  • 10 squats x2
  • 10 1-leg squats (right and left)
  • 10 calf raises x3
  • 2 minute jog 
  • 10 ball push-ups x3
  • 5 arm raises w/ 10lb weights x3 
I felt less sick today afterwards, which was nice. Progress!


You have to start somewhere.

Oh, hello.

I'm 27 and more than a bit overweight. Here's me:

I don't *feel* as fat as I look, which I'm sure is part of the problem. These pictures... yikes.

Anyway, I've got this deal going with my husband that if I work out (at least 3 days per week), and count calories (at least 5 days per week), I get to go to Jamaica over spring break.

I love Jamaica. It's a great incentive.

Even more of a great incentive, however, is the desire to start a family. Seriously, I want like, a million babies. And right now, I'm not at a good weight for pregnancy.

I am at a good weight for one of those "I didn't know I was pregnant" shows, though.


This is called "Awkward Workout" because I've never been one for physical activity, and I feel like a big galoof any time I try to do something with my body. I'm really, really good at teaching and reading and writing and playing music, though! Isn't that enough!??


I worked out today:
30 Jumping Jacks x3
30 Kettle Bell Swings x3
10 Sit-ups x3
10 Ball Pushups
10 Roly Polies (the workout ball people called these "jack knives", but that's lame)
10 bicep curls (right and left) - 10lb weight
10 fist pumps (right and left) - 10lb weight

It was awkward and sweaty but I did it. On to tomorrow.