I ran 1.67 miles yesterday and 3.14 miles today. Feelin' fine.


I ran on Tuesday of this week, but I didn't post about it. Whoops. It was uneventful. There was panting and sweating as per usual.

I didn't feel particularly compelled to do much of anything this morning. Husband and I cheated on our diet last night with mexican takeout, so I assume I am still filled with sloth-inducing burritos.

In any case, I figured I should probably get *some* physical activity in before a day of football-watching, so I decided to try to break my mile time. My previous trail best was 14:59, and today I was able to finish the mile in 14:16. Progress!

I'm curious to see what my mile time would be on straight, obstacle-free pavement. Perhaps one of these days I'll come out of hiding and run where I might be spotted by others.
Probably not.

I worked out today:
1 mile run (14:16)
Several hours of high-intensity football watching


Last week I was lazy and only worked out twice. I feel guilty, and more importantly, I can tell I haven't lost any more weight. Must stay focused, humidity or no humidity.

Getting back to running, even after my 10 day hiatus, felt really great. I made myself a playlist comprised of embarrassing rock music that I would have listened to as an angsty teen. I'll tell you this: I didn't not enjoy running to Limp Bizkit.


I worked out today:
34 minute run (2 miles)


The humidity is making me bad at blogging. The humidity is also preventing me from running. The humidity makes me feel sticky and sweaty and gross all the time.

So I haven't run in a week. I legitimately want to run, but I'm just not going to run when it's 89% humidity and in the 80s. It's seriously hellish out there.

I've been improvising. I've brought back out the kettlebell, the weights, and the exercise ball. My abs hurt.

I exercised last Sunday: 20 minutes featuring a rotation of kettlebell, bicep curls, arm lifts, and sit ups.

I exercised today: 25 minutes featuring a rotation of kettlebell, bicep curls, situps, jogging in place, and cardio arm work (punching whilst looking tough)