Remember how Jamaica was the most motivating reward ever? Remember how I was concerned that my life post-Jamaica would lack motivation?


Honestly, I've kept up with the working out. It's the eating that seems to be the biggest problem. Jamaica was such a crazy jumble of five lunches a day that I forgot that my stomach doesn't really need all the food that it wants.

So blerg. This is hard again and I REALLY want to keep going with the weight loss. There are summer weddings to look forward to, and babies to have, and such. And I just want to be thinner, PLEASE? PLEASE appetite?

Me vs. dessert. The story of my life.


Back to Reality.

Vacation was amazing.

Best beach ever.
Every day was spent on the beach, under a tree or a shade triangle, reading, drinking, relaxing, and dozing. When we got too hot, we'd get in the ocean. When we got tired of swimming, we'd head back to our shade triangle. 

I miss you, shade triangle.

The food, overall, was very very good. As such, gluttonous habits from a former life returned. There was a dessert buffet that was pretty much the source of my undoing. So much creme brule. 

And now we're home, and I'm glad to be here. Because that much food and drink every single day was taking its toll on my poor self. 

I stepped on the scale this morning. It was terrifying and I'm not going to tell you how much I gained. It's less than 20lbs, but not by much. A good portion is definitely a combination of water weight, combined with the fact that I was taking less Metformin while there. 

Still. Yikes.

So, back to reality. Back to running and calorie counting. And now I get to pick a new reward to work for, which is an exciting prospect. 

My next reward will definitely not include so many available creme brules.