When I first started running on the treadmill, I really hated it. I didn't want to admit it, but it wasn't enjoyable and I couldn't see myself actually doing it. Yesterday, instead of trying to jog on the treadmill whilst watching TV, I went back to my trusty rap-filled playlists. And wouldn't you know it, it made all the difference in the world.

I don't mind running as long as I've got music that keeps my mind engaged. Music is the key to success!

I worked out yesterday:
20 minute run

I worked out today:
10 minute much faster run
50 situps
30 arm lifts w/ 10lb weights


Working out is haard.

No. Work is hard. Working out after a hard day of work is the problem.

I was all motivated a week or so ago. Working out every day, excited about weight loss and all that. Wha happened?

I worked out today:
5 minute treadmill run (which is more difficult than trail running, and I haven't figured out why)
10 minute super fast treadmill walk
5 minutes situps and weights


I worked out more recently than I last blogged. I don't remember when. Slacking.

My husband and I had A Weekend of Poor Choices, in which I ate Dairy Queen and drank delicious beers. Not paleo, not calorie-conscious. On Monday my stomach was a wreck and I regretted nothing. This week, however, I will not be stepping on the scale.

I worked out today:
10 minute run
10 minutes kettle bell, situps, and arm weight whatnot


This Friday's weight loss has been particularly motivating. I hope it lasts.

I worked out yesterday:
45 minute walk with husband and dog
1 mile trail run in my best time ever: 14:05

Unfortunately, yesterday's run left me with a burning esophagus and painful bottom teeth (which the internet says results from a lack of oxygen). I'm not good at speed, and I'm apparently not good at running in the cold.

Luckily, I was able to procure a fancy treadmill from my parents today. I'm really excited about having a running machine in my living room. I'm even more excited about not having to run in the cold and snow.

I worked out today:
10 minutes of kettlebell, cardio, sit ups, and upper body weights
10 minutes of very quick walking on the treadmill


I stepped on the scale this morning, expecting to see some not-nice number as a result of last week's slacking. Surprise surprise, I actually lost weight. What an unexpectedly pleasant way to start the day!

Since I'm now down to 260, I've officially lost 21lbs! Huzzah. 
And since I've lost 20, it's time for a new progress picture. 

The progress is not entirely visible in the first or last pictures, but I'm quite pleased at how much of my gut has disappeared. 

I worked out today: 
5 minute cardio in class
10 minutes of silly dancing at the end of the school day (with the entire fifth grade)
10 minutes cardio/weights/situps at home


I did a five-minute workout in class today and the kids loved it. I think I may make this a staple feature of our end-of-the-day "AA" time. Plus, I can count it in LoseIt! Win win.

I worked out today:
5 minute workout in class featuring various cardio moves
10 minute run in the back yard with my spastic dog
5 more minutes of situps and upper body weights


I've started to integrate P90 routines into my morning lessons. Everyone's tired? Let's do some hook/uppercut combos, kids.

Maybe THAT'S how I'll solve my end-of-day craziness problem. No one is willing to follow directions? Fine. Lets do jumping jacks until we're tired.

I worked out today:
20 minutes of cardio, sit ups, upper body weights, and kettle bell.

This week, I am thinking about this:

This is not just some random tropical scene. This is where I'm headed in 178 days. I just have to really earn it first.


I'm losing my motivation.

I mean, Jamaica and having kids and whatnot are all well and good. But I am tired every afternoon after teaching. I am having a tough year and I want my after-school drink. Running and aerobics are falling by the wayside.

I ran two miles last Friday. The time before this that I last worked out was the previous Wednesday.

Not okay. This is hard and it will get harder and I HAVE TO DO IT ANYWAY. I cannot fail this time. I've got too much invested to give up this time.

Imma set some goals.

I want to weigh 257 or less by Thanksgiving.
I want to weigh 250 or less by New Years.
I want to weigh 220 or less by March 30th (when we leave for our tropical getaway).

I've set and met many of my running goals. I'm still not close to running that mile in under 13mins, but I can run for an hour like a champ. IF I CAN MEET GOALS IN WHICH I, PERSON WHO HATES RUNNING, RUNS FOR AN HOUR, then I can also meet goals related to weight loss.

I worked out today:
20 minutes of kettle bell, jogging, sit ups, bicep curls, and arm lifts w/ weights
(All whilst watching Breaking Amish, because obviously)