Awkward personal backstory:

Last January, I decided to stop taking birth control. Not that I was looking to get pregnant at the time, but I figured it'd be a good time to stop putting any extra chemicals in my body (this was right around the MS diagnosis and all that craziness).

Since then, my period has been completely out of whack. Some months it's early, most months it's late. When it's late, I freak out and take pregnancy tests, which are inevitably both a relief and a disappointment when they come out negative.

Pregnancy tests are expensive. Hello, affordable fifty-pack: http://www.amazon.com/Wondfo-Pregnancy-Test-Strips-50-count/dp/B004AOMAOG

IN ANY CASE, it got to the point where I was going two months without a period. Not okay. After a few uncomfortably invasive ultrasounds at the gyno, it was determined that I have PCOS. Maybe.

PCOS, if you haven't googled it, can lead to irregular periods. It can ALSO cause women to have serious difficulty losing weight. And as such, I was put on a medicine called Metformin. It's a diabeetus drug that also regulates hormones, or something.

For some women, Metformin greatly improves success with diet and exercise. Since I've been really struggling with getting the scale to budge the last few months, I started the pill with cautious optimism.

Firstly, it has killed my appetite. Whereas before it was difficult to meet my 1800 per day calorie goals, I've now seen several days in the past week where I've been sub-1500.

Second, I *felt* thinner this week, and stepped on the scale on Friday after weighing in on Tuesday. I had to reset the scale twice just to make sure what I was seeing as true. Four pounds lost in three days. Four pounds. Three days.

I KNOW it can't be that easy. But holy hell I want it to be.

I've worked out several times since I last blogged. I've been really good about sticking to a minimum of three workouts per week. I just can't always find the energy to tell you about it.

I worked out today:
2 minute fast run warmup
23 minutes calisthenics


This holiday break contained nowhere near the amount of fitness that I would have hoped. It has, however, contained many, many calories. I've still faithfully tracked what I've eaten. LoseIt does nothing to deter my intake of all the tequila, apparently. Here's last week:
Oh God! The calories!
So anyway, that'll need to stop soon.

I've worked out a few times over break. I calisthenic-ed twice, and ran once, and did random housecleaning and the like. I should have done more. I am filled with regret and calories. Delicious calories.