The calisthenics continue. I worked out last Sunday and didn't blog about it. On Monday, I was sore. So it goes.

I worked out today:
4 minute fast run
25 minutes calisthenics

Our tickets to Jamaica have arrived. In 101 days, I'll be flying off to a week's worth of paradise.


So I was all excited today when my husband informed me that the latest version of iSmoothRun has a "treadmill" setting. Previously when using the app on my treadmill, it informed me that I wasn't running at all, OR that I was running across the street and back (which definitely does not actually happen).

In any case, I quickly updated my app and gave it a go. Unfortunately, the results are less than I'd hoped for. I ran for five minutes, at a pace which I am CERTAIN is faster than I run when I'm on the trail. The app said I was only running 2.something mph, for a completely unimpressive 22 minute mile. I KNOW I'm going faster, so I guess I'll just go back to caring about time instead of distance.

I tried the calisthenic routine again after my five minute warm up. Today I am sweatier than I was on Sunday, and everything felt more difficult. Perhaps my form is more accurate today, and that's why it's harder? Perhaps I'm just a wuss who can't plank worth a damn. Whatevs.

I worked out today:
5 minute warmup run
25 minutes of vigorous calisthenics and plank failures


Something different.

A few months back, I mentioned to my husband that I might want to try a new way of working out. Since he's now some sort of super fitness guru, he sent me a beginners calisthenics workout he put together himself. Today, after waking up and not exactly feeling like running, I decided to give it a go.

And it was awkward. I had to shut the front blinds because I didn't want the church-goers driving by to witness me in all my ridiculous glory.

First of all, planks are really hard. I watched an instructional video, and this confident plank lady was all, "Depending on your level of fitness, you'll be able to hold a plank anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes."

Apparently I have no "level" of "fitness" because my plank lasted a shaky 10 seconds before collapsing. Don't even get me started on side planks.
"Look how happy I am! And not shaky at all! Side planks are super fun! Aren't you having SO MUCH FUN?"
So anyway, I finished the 25 minute workout and felt shaky but otherwise proud that I tried something new.

I worked out today:
25 minutes of planks, knee lifts, bench dips, bent rows, wall pushups, and jackknife squats


I'm definitely in a body-hating funk today. This had better be PMS related...

I took my measurements, as I realized I hadn't done so since August.

Chest: OLD = 47" NEW = 46" Newer= 45"    
Waist: OLD =  42" NEW = 40" Newer= 39.5"  
Hips: OLD =  54.25" NEW = 53" Newer = 51.5"   
Right Thigh: OLD =  34" NEW = 32.5" Newer = 32"   
Left Thigh: OLD =  34" NEW = 33" Newer = 32"    
Right Bicep: OLD =  17" NEW = 16"  
Left Bicep: OLD =  17" NEW = 16.75"  

The arm measurements didn't change. Arm flab is difficult to lose? I've never heard that one before.

I was hoping for a bit more of a difference. It's several months later, after all. 

Dear Self,

This is what happens when you don't work out as much as you should. This is what happens when you don't count calories as well as you should. 



Dear Self,

Be pleased that you are still making progress. You didn't gain this weight overnight and you won't lose it overnight either. You've lost 12.5 inches and 24.2lbs, and that's pretty great. Keep fucking going and don't be a slave to body image issues.



I worked out today:
20 minute treadmill run


Okay, so now I guess I'm just bad at updating this blog. Me? Bad at updating? Never!


Anyway, I'm back on track with my three workouts per week plan. At least for now. I have a faint desire to set up some sort of goal in which I work out every day over Christmas break, but I don't want to push it. One week at a time...

I worked out yesterday:
20 minute run while listening to terrible rock music from my past