I can run for 1/2 a mile!

After yesterday's kick-filled workout, I was sure my legs would be sore and tired this morning. Since they weren't, I decided to get outdoors before the sun baked us into the 90s for yet another day.

I set out for a run, intent on going for two laps without stopping. After my second lap, I thought "Hey, I can keep going!" And so I did. I stopped after 3.5 laps, which means I accomplished another goal! AND I get to say "I can run for 1/2 a mile", which I something I absolutely could not have said prior to last week. Hooray!

I worked out today:
18 minutes of walk/run
15 kettle bell swings x2
15 sit ups x3
10 squats x3
10 calf raises x3
10 bicep curls x3

My right hip is a bit sore now, so I need to make sure I keep an eye on that. It'd be a real letdown to have an injury so soon into this process.

New goals:
Avoid injury.
Run five laps without stopping.


Today, when I normally would have done my workout, I was out leading a student book club. By the time I got home, the temperatures outdoors were not exactly conducive to comfortable running/walking in the woods. As such, I decided to follow a P90 video for my workout today. My husband and I tried to do these for awhile before our wedding, but I never really got into them. For today, though, it was nice to have something strenuous (and not entirely boring) to do indoors. 

I worked out today: 
P90 Cardio video + Ab Ripper workout (Ab Ripper... SO EXTREMEEEEE) (approx 40 minutes)


I didn't sleep well last night, and as such didn't exactly feel like working out today. But then I did it anyway. Suck it, bad night of sleep.

I worked out today:
20 minute walk/run
15 sit ups x3
10 squats x3
5 arm lifts x3
10 ball push ups x3


Wednesday is Weigh Day.

I was really nervous waking up this morning. I knew I had to step on the scale to see my first week's progress, but I was definitely worried that the numbers on the scale wouldn't be to my liking. I've tried diet plans before, gone for a whole week with gusto, and then completely given up after seeing dismal scale results.

Adding to my nerves was the fact that I'm feeling REALLY GOOD about what I've done in the past week. I feel *excited* about working out and calorie counting, which is not something I've really ever said before. In any case, I didn't want a sad scale to ruin the excitement and my drive to succeed.

Sooo, I convinced myself to take the scale out of the scale drawer, place it on the floor, and step up. I could barely watch as the numbers flicked upward. And then the numbers stopped.


Last Wednesday I weighed 281. That's nearly 6lbs GONE. Needless to say, I yelled "yaaaaay" around the house and then called my husband to continue to yell "yaaaaaay" into the phone.

I *know* the weight loss won't always be this high. I was on my period last week, which surely added a few pounds to last week's weigh-in. Still. STILL. I feel great. I feel proud.

So, after the high of seeing my week's progress shown on the scale, I decided to go work out. Yesterday, I set a goal of being able to run around the forest loop once.

Today I ran around it twice without stopping. Blamo.

I worked out today:
20minutes walk/run
22 kettle bell swings x3
15 sit ups x3
10 squats x3
10 calf raises x3
10 lift the 10lbweights above my head thingies x3

New goals:
Lose 1.5 lbs by Wednesday, July 4th
Run 3 times around the loop without stopping


I tried taking my dog out with me on my second attempt at a walk/run. Unfortunately, as we're in a forest, there are waaaayyyy too many smells out there to keep her focused. I had to drop her off back inside after the third lap around.

I worked out today:
20 minute walk/run
30 jumping jacks x2
20 kettle bell swings x2
12 sit ups x3
10 ball push ups x2
5 arm raises x3

I have a new small workout goal: I want to be able to jog around the forest loop once without stopping. This is a small goal, as the loop is probably only 1/8 mile. Still, I can only go about 3/4 of the way now, so making it once around would be an accomplishment.

Tomorrow is weigh day and I'm nervous. If I don't step on that scale and see 278.5 or lower, I'm going to be really discouraged. Please respond to my efforts, awkward body.


I absolutely hate jogging, but damn if it doesn't get my heart rate up.

Seeing as how it's beautiful outside (sunny and 73 degrees), I decided to try something new today. There's a walking trail in our back woods... it'd be a shame to let it go to waste.

I worked out today:
18 minute walk/jog (walk half trail, run half trail)
12 sit ups x3
20 kettle bell swings x2
10 bicep curls w/ 10lbs weight x2
12 leg lifts each side x2


Day off, day on.

I didn't work out yesterday, due to the fact my calves felt like they were made of pain. My abs were also in a sad state. Nothing wrong with taking a day of rest, but it sure made it more difficult to stay within my daily calorie allotment.

I'm using LoseIt to track my calories, which seems to be working well. If I eat less than 2,200 calories per day, I'll supposedly lose 1.5lbs per week. We'll see.

I worked out today:
30 jumping jacks x3
20 kettle bell swings x3
11 sit ups x3
10 ball push ups x3
5 arm raises w/ 10lb weights x3
10 bicep curls x3
10 squats x3


I didn't quit after the first day!

I want to get better at setting short-term goals.
This week's short term goal:

I want to lose 1.5lbs by next Thursday.

That picture supposedly shows 1lb of fat. I'd be happy to lose one and a half of those.

I worked out today:

  • 30 jumping jacks x3
  • 15-20 kettle bell swings x3 (This was supposed to be 30, but having done these yesterday my legs were sad)
  • 12 sit ups x3
  • 10 squats x2
  • 10 1-leg squats (right and left)
  • 10 calf raises x3
  • 2 minute jog 
  • 10 ball push-ups x3
  • 5 arm raises w/ 10lb weights x3 
I felt less sick today afterwards, which was nice. Progress!


You have to start somewhere.

Oh, hello.

I'm 27 and more than a bit overweight. Here's me:

I don't *feel* as fat as I look, which I'm sure is part of the problem. These pictures... yikes.

Anyway, I've got this deal going with my husband that if I work out (at least 3 days per week), and count calories (at least 5 days per week), I get to go to Jamaica over spring break.

I love Jamaica. It's a great incentive.

Even more of a great incentive, however, is the desire to start a family. Seriously, I want like, a million babies. And right now, I'm not at a good weight for pregnancy.

I am at a good weight for one of those "I didn't know I was pregnant" shows, though.


This is called "Awkward Workout" because I've never been one for physical activity, and I feel like a big galoof any time I try to do something with my body. I'm really, really good at teaching and reading and writing and playing music, though! Isn't that enough!??


I worked out today:
30 Jumping Jacks x3
30 Kettle Bell Swings x3
10 Sit-ups x3
10 Ball Pushups
10 Roly Polies (the workout ball people called these "jack knives", but that's lame)
10 bicep curls (right and left) - 10lb weight
10 fist pumps (right and left) - 10lb weight

It was awkward and sweaty but I did it. On to tomorrow.