So here we are again.

I had a baby. She is wonderful and perfect and I love her more than life itself.

I gained 32ish pounds during pregnancy. I was honestly proud that it wasn't more than that, considering I completely stopped working out during this time. After giving birth, I was SHOCKED to see it fall off in a matter of days. Like, after a week, most of it was completely gone. Never before have I shed weight so quickly; it was a lovely experience.

And then I forgot what my body does with food.

For months (eight of them now, specifically) I ate absolutely everything I wanted whenever I wanted it. Donuts? Sure. Ice cream? Every night. Beer? Yes definitely (because it helps increase milk supply after the alcohol content has passed).

For the first few months of adjusting to my new life, I can justify my choices. I was sleep deprived and stressed and good food helped. After my daughter continued to be the easiest baby ever, however, there was just no excuse.

I'm now five pounds from my heaviest weight ever, having completely erased all my lovely progress as detailed in the earlier posts of this blog.

Time to restart. This time with baby. More to come soon (lets hope).

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